Coaching is having an empowering conversation that puts the coachee's goals first. It creates a safe environment to give the coachee time and space to think, enabling them to find their own solutions and hear their thoughts out loud without being judged. The coach's role is to help the coachee explore their goal and how they can own their outcomes.

Team Coaching recognises that every team member has a role to play, team coaching helps explore core values and beliefs together in a safe environment. Team coaching will help members improve on their strengths and interactions with other teams. The coach’s role is to build a safe and trusting environment in which to achieve this, by working with your colleagues and stakeholders in an open and honest way.


Damian Crawford

Helping organisations to transform their agile delivery by working with teams and key stakeholders on a one-to-one or team basis. With over 10 years IT Industry experience I use various coaching models to enable delivery teams and individuals to become better aligned with their business goals and values.

I have coached teams and Individuals in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Hong Kong.